Gayle Craig & Co.


I'm a globally networked, award-winning Creative Strategist


What the fardel is that?

No one knows, for sure. The closest I’ve come to a definition is: (inhales) making outstanding content through dangerously enjoyable collaboration with a network of outstanding people (exhales)

This has taken up most of the last 15 years of my life, second only to mastering a remarkably bad cup of tea.  

Together with comprehensive experience in process and project development, digital, brand, communication and content strategy, concept realisation, research, design, trials and testing, as well as writing and pitching exceptional presentations, I have a strong track record of building, leading and motivating teams in the digital, creative and consulting sectors and working across all media channels to make sure objectives are met and relationships are built.

All this in service of the good of humankind and, occasionally, free pizza.

Working on it

Here's the part where I'm supposed to tell you about the cool stuff I've done. That type of thing bums me out.

Instead, I've written some short (and hopefully entertaining) blog posts that will give you a deeper insight into my shady background, work and spark some ideas on how we could collaborate.

If you'd just like to skim my resume, keep on scrolling.

Confessions of a Storyteller 

Telling stories was what I got into trouble for as a child when I claimed to have eaten all my vegetables as our family hound lay, full and snoring, under the dinner table.


The Crazy Ones

While there is very little that we know about what really constitutes reality, we do know that we have to go to work tomorrow morning. Amaright?


Make the Logo Bigger.

“Sitting on the dock of the bay, watching time roll away. Just sitting on the dock of the bay. Wasting time.” Are those the actual lyrics? Well, are they…

View from above

For all you busy folks, here’s a top-line summary of my career.

It all looks a bit small from so far away…



Creative Strategy Director
blue-infinity Linked by Isobar
May 2016 to present

Executive Creative Director
Feb 2013 to Jul 2015

Creative Director
Feb 2007 to Jan 2013

Senior Director
Jun 2004 to Jan 2007



MSc Integrated Marketing Communications
Medill School, Northwestern University
Fall 2018 to present

B.A. Dramatic Art (Hons)
University of the Witwatersrand  

Spring 1999 to Fall 2003



11 Gold Muse Awards
Promax BDA Global Excellence & Promax BDA Africa

1 Gold Isis Award
Promax BDA Global Excellence & Promax BDA Africa

6 Silver Muse Awards
Promax BDA Global Excellence & Promax BDA Africa

5 Bronze Muse Awards
Promax BDA Global Excellence & Promax BDA Africa


Skills & Languages

Collaborative leadership style


Simplification of complexity

Quick to tackle issues

Constructive, kind approach to conflict resolution 

English (mother tongue)

Afrikaans (business proficiency)

French (basic conversational)


Nice things nice people have said  

Her innate business acumen and critical, strategic thinking ability combined with her immense talent have built and amplified many brand stories.
— Michelle Nestler, Executive Produce & Managing Partner, Clearwater
She relies on her deep knowledge of models, research and state of the art to suggest clever approaches to just about any challenge.
— Anthony Dupre, Division Manager, Isobar Switzerland
Gayle is a consummate professional, always at the ready to interpret sometimes convoluted briefs from clients and always deliver ten times more than what the client would ever have envisioned.
— Khosi Khanyile, Sales & Marketing Director, Fox International Channels
A tremendous mentor to me, and a gracious teacher who is always willing to learn something new.
— Zozette Balsaras, Integrated Creative Copywriter, Good Relations London
Ask Gayle to be an expert in anything, and in a week or two, she’ll know all the players, travel to the territory, research the landscape, build the presentation, find the opportunity and have an opinion about how best to tackle the business.
— Derek White, CEO & Founder, Clearwater

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